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Trailer ☆ Reunited PDF by Ö Colleen Houck Damn this was a hard finale to read for so many reasons One because I didn t want this series to end and two because I had a feeling it was going to be a heartbreaker, which it was, I totally cried But it was also beautiful, and hopeful, and mind blowingly fantastic Book Quality 1 starBook Enjoyability 2 stars What the hell did I just read Before starting this book I made a few predictions based on the standard Houck formula I became so acquainted with in Tiger s Curse They were The 2 other sentient entities inside Lily will get their own bodies and be paired up with each of the 3 main brothers All beings will become mortal humans despite being gods during the climax Lily will never have to work a day in her life because Amon will somehow have loads of money tucked away Grandfather figure or grandmother will sacrifice themselves OR be paired off together Lily s parents will learn how special she is and realize they need to support her .
I got most of them right So let s go through them one by one.
The 2 other sentient entities inside Lily will get their own bodies and be paired up with each of the 3 main brothers.
Yeah so as you may recall from the last book Lily now has without her consent a FUCKING LION and a fairy yes, spelled like that sharing her body Hey look, there are now 3 female protagonists and 3 brothers I wonder what will happen Houck seems to have a knee jerk need to create as many happy heteronormative relationships as possible by the end of the book Because remember kids, it doesn t matter if you re fucking a literal goddamn lion as long as she s female I m going to completely ignore the matters like lions don t speak English or any language and aren t exactly monogamous because Houck certainly isn t going to address these matters In her deus ex human form our lion is of course a woman of color because everyone knows lions are from Africa and thus black lady I don t want to harp on this fact too much simply because I was really glad to havethan one PoC in a book about fucking Egypt.
So about that whole getting a body thing Throughout the book we build up tension in regards to the trio becoming Wasret, this ultimate Goddess of the gods who can put Set h in his place The cost for this is the loss of body and souls of the female protagonists There s actually a really excellent scene in which Wasret scolds the girls for their selfishness and points out she has just as much right to exist and live as anyone else and she s capable of saving the world view spoiler In true Houck fashion the girls are far too selfish to care about saving people and fight against it until the very end when they form Wasret hide spoiler

Updated August 17, 2017 Reunited is exciting, emotional, heart pounding and incredible After surviving her adventure in the Netherworld, Lily wakes up at her grandmother s farm with no memory of it She has forgotten about her beloved Egyptian prince Amon, his brothers, her travels in Egypt and her journey to the Netherworld Lily is also no longer the girl she once was but is now part human, part lion and part fairy To top everything off, Lily must learn to harness this power in order to become Wasret, the goddess destined to defeat the evil god Seth forever With the help of Dr Hassan, Lily travels oncethrough the cosmos and across the plains of Egypt where she will transform into what she is destined to become Reunited is full of adventure, romance, action, choices, danger, sacrifice and a heart pounding amazing conclusion to an incredible series.
After surviving her adventure in the Netherworld, Lily returns home and wakes up at her grandmother s farm, however, she has no memory of Amon, his brothers Asten and Ahmose, her travels in Egypt and the Netherworld, of Tia and Ashleigh or becoming a Sphinx Lily becomesconfused when Dr Hassan and the Goddess Nephthys informs her that Seth has escaped from his prison and she must harness the power of three to become Wasret With the help from Dr Hassan, Tia and Ashleigh, Lily learns to control her powers and tries to recover her lost memories as they travel to Egypt to awaken the brothers before Seth finds and kills them in the Afterlife However, to protect the brothers from Seth, the Gods hid them in a different world and only Lily can summon them with the help of Ahmose As Seth rages war with the Gods, Lily continues to struggle to recover her lost memories as she, Tia and Ashleigh also risk losing themselves as Wasret herself grows stronger.
As they travel to the Isle of the Lost to find Amon and Asten, they encounter ancient beasts, tricky natives, old allies and enemies alike but also conflicts within themselves as all three girls and all boys fight to have a future with the one they love With everyone Reunited and Lily s memories restored the six of them travel to help the gods battle against Seth and his followers only to discover shock of Seth s destruction, secrets the gods have kept from them, and the truth behind Wasret With new bonds formed and allies gathering everyone is ready to fight all the while the girls embrace their power but continue to keep Wasret at bay However, upon facing Seth, they face heartbreak, difficult choices and truths and fury As Lily and her allies enter the final battle, she, Tia and Ashleigh may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to Wasret if Seth is to be defeated forever.
Lily has no memory of everything that has happened regarding Amon and because of that she s resisting Tia and Ashleigh and her destiny to become Wasret I love Tia and Ashleigh Tia is understandably upset with Lily for her memory loss and Ashleigh tries to claim and encourage them during their situation as they become together Wasret is a character which is where everything gets confusing with a first person narrating I don t know who is in control when that happens Regarding Wasret, she is authoritative, tough and a little scary I absolutely loved and felt a bit confused of the romance Lily who shares the body with Tia and Ashleigh and all three have a love interest with the three brothers Lily x Amon, Tia x Asten, and Ashleigh x Ahmose While I love that all three brothers have a love interest, it s just weird and confusing when that love interest inhabits one body Still the romantic moments between the couples was sweet, heated and I want something like that for myself Overall, Reunited was amazing Story, plot and characters were amazing I loved it The last couple of chapters were so emotional and gripping to the last sentence I think everyone at the end got their happy ending and though there were some deaths that were sad, in the end everyone found peace and happiness that made me happy It is sad to see this Egyptian adventure end but it was great and I look forward to re reading it again.
Updated October 12, 2016 It has a cover So pretty And a release date Updated September 22, 2016 , , , , ,, , , ,, , ,,, ,, , , ,,, , , , ,, , , ,,,400 , , , , ,, ,,, , ,, , , , , ,, ,,, , 90%,,,, , ,,, , ,, ,, ,, ,, , ,, , ,,,,,Livelib I received this ARC in a fair trade with a fellow blogger This review is completely voluntary and honest I was not compensated for this review.
Reunited is the final book in Colleen Houck s Reawakened series With every book I read by Colleen, I am constantly amazed by how wonderful the world and writing is As I might have mentioned before, I don t know my mythology outside Greek, but I always enjoy learningthrough Colleen s books We rejoin Lily as she awakes on her grandmother s farm Only thing is, Lily has no memory of the past few weeks It was actually rather nice too, since I couldn t remember everything that happened in Recreated either Lol So Lily has to get caught up on all that s happened and what needs to happen Honestly, Colleen couldn t have done this better My little reader heart and mind were so thrilled with this because Seriously, I can never remember what happened in the previous book a year later I m in serious trouble with other series that I am in the middle of Dr Haasan comes back to Lily to tell her all the details, that she basically needs to wake the brothers once again, that she will need to become Warset, and with the help of the brothers they will need to defeat Seth No problem really, just saving the world like it ain t no thing Hee hee As you can imagine, it s not as easy as all that.
There are many tasks ahead of Lily on her journey She does eventually get her memory back and soon finds herself working with Ahmose, one of Amon s brothers, as they work to find Amon and Asten s bodies so that they can be raised Colleen s books are always filed with a great journey filled with perils and other dangers There s never a dull moment This book also expands on what is likely the most complicated love confliction ever As you might recall, Lily possesses the souls of a lioness named Tia and a fairy named Ashleigh Tia has feelings for Asten Soon Ashleigh develops feelings for Ahmose And then of course, Lily loves Amon So what happens when we have three souls in one body loving three different guys A complicated mess But ironically, the brothers handle this all so well It s odd, but I can live with it I guess I m not touching on its outcome either, because, you know, spoilers This book wasn t without its feels either There was a lot of unexpected occurrences that really tugged at my heartstrings, and yet it always felt right It s a terrible feeling almost, to be accepting of sadness because you know it was the right course, because omg, it was heartrending Not giving exact details, but we can say this was one emotional read and I honestly didn t know how things would turn out in the end.
Reunited was a most wonderful read It was rich with its mythology and culture that I ve pretty much come to expect with a Colleen Houck book She s never let me down before It was filled with action and so many wonderful character building moments I always love reading Colleen s books because they are truly an adventure just waiting to happen This is a series not to be missed or passed by Overall Rating 4.
5 5 starsReunited releases August 8, 2017 This is also posted on www.
comShort and Sweet The best part of the book was when it was over.
Of course, one of the first reviews I actually write for this blog has to be a negative one I guess that s the joys of reviewing books, though, not every book is going to strike the same to every reader I, personally, disliked this book with nearly every fiber of my being Other people may find this to be their favorite series of all time, and there s nothing wrong with that It s wonderful actually.
If you did like this book though, I would recommend not reading this review I hated this book and I m not going to bite my tongue about it The only good thing about this series is that it s over and I didn t waste another 20 dollars on the final book in hardcover I tried so hard to give this book a chance and I read through about 60% before I found myself starting to skim it I kind of feel like that was a win.
A quick disclaimer I LOVE Colleen Houck s writing most of the time Her Tiger s Curse series is one of my most favorite and cherished series of all time I ve read the first book around ten times, it s my go to comfort book I ve read the full series through about five or six times But one thing I want to make clear is that it s perfectly okay to not love every single book or series that an author comes out with Just because one resonates with you, doesn t mean every single one will I think there s a huge misconception about that and it bothers me greatly.
Anyways, let s get started The whole Wasret thing is just ridiculous I mentioned in my last review that having three minds in one body was stupid, but to add in this fourth entity that just wanted to take over and stir up trouble took it to a whole new level I ll never understand how the author thought this was a good idea.
Not only that, but somehow this whole storyline just seemed completely disjointed and didn t make a whole lot of sense It s as if she was using how confusing Egyptian mythology can be to just make up some crazy all over the place story and have readers accept it Example Asten was Seth s son but not really because Anubis did some healing mumbo jumbo while Asten was an infant and now he s actually Anubis s son I m sorry, does the author not understand how biology work It doesn t make sense.
OH And the best part was that she ended up throwing in some Twilight Jacob and Bella drama in there too How she managed to recreate that mess is beyond me So, Horus felt drawn to Lily and it turns out that it s only because Wasret is his true mate If my eyes rolled any harder they would fling out of my skull Seriously, it was dumb when Stephanie Meyer did it and it s still dumb now.
Beyond the dumb, drawn out plot, Colleen s writing was just not up to par in this one There were some major consistency issues with writing the three separate personalities At some point she would just drop Ashleigh and Tia from having conversations with Lily in her head and not bring them back for another couple chapters It just seemed really weird On top of that, the page orlong descriptions of what characters were wearing just became so tedious to read The long descriptions about how gorgeous Amon, Asten and Ahmose were somehow ended up eventedious with an added bonus of nauseating.
Unfortunately or fortunately , I did end up skimming through the book from about 70 90% and then read the last 10% pretty straight through It was just so boring that I was honestly thinking about how there s a closet that hasn t had a good cleaning in a few months When a book makes me want to clean, it kind of hurts my soul.
She also killed off the grandmother the only half decent character and Dr Hassan and had them guarding the afterlife forever In the end, the book wrapped up perfectly, of course Everyone got their own bodies, handed off their heart scarabs what to their significant life mate and became gods and goddesses of the cosmos Because why not Ugh.
2 stars, only because Unicorns are awesome.
This is such a great series and i was glad i didnt judge the book based on the cover because if i did i probably wont read this at all i tend to fall in love w books that has fancy covers not so like this one this was such a great read and i hopebook lovers will be able to read this series its just sad that books like this are being eclipsed by books that came from large publshing conpanies and pretty covers guilty.
Actually the only reason i rated it a four instead of five is bc i didnt like how the author ruined tge relationship between Lily and the two other brothers by making her actually fall for them, I mean yes i do understand that half of that feeling came from Tia and Ash but still Lily did have feelings for the brothers thag is separated from whag Tia and Ash feels, for me that kind of ruined something good that Lily and the brothers has Its just an unnecesarry plog to also make her fall for the two and it just tainted my view of Lily, the book will actually be much better w o that kind of complications But all in all i enjoyed the series and would recommend this to everyone who wanted something new and fresh Oh my I m so glad I finished this series When I read the first book, I am compelled to read the others, and I felt that it wouldn t be over until I finished this Well, I ll just drop some thoughts in here There were many grammar errors in the book I know that I don t write perfectly in English but this is a book I m talking about The revisor should have corrected them Talking about that, man how I hated when Cherty and Ashleigh talked I couldn t understand a thing Doesn t anybody in this book know the term monogamy I never knew who felt what It was so confusing Lily having not one, not two, not three ,but fucking FOUR personalitiesOh and when they merged and Lily didn t understand if that was her or one of the other girls who was feeling something It was really disturbing And what Did Lily really like or even love Ahmose And he let her Fuck you Ahmose You are disturbed I loved when Lily pushed Ahmose away and just stopped him from trying to win her back I know that the next second she hugged him and etc but I liked that fight Lily was always searching for confusion she could avoid The messier her life, the better I didn t even feel anything any because everything she did was try to die She literally called for Apep but don t be scared, he was just a giant freaking snake when he was going away and got scared when he came Why did Ahmose want all three girls Really He is disturbed I hate him Man He wanted Tia, who didn t talk to him He even wanted Wasret, who was going to practically kill Lily, Tia and Ashleigh What is wrong with him This was so not cute When Lily discovered that she would have to kill one of the boys, she had an idea and prayed that Wasret would remember it Guess what Colleen forgot all about that and I didn t get to know the idea correct me if I m wrong, because I could have missed some detail telling otherwise It was boring to see Lily always finding a new power to help her in a situation At the end of this book, she waspowerful than any other god This is so messed up Colleen spent 3 entire books talking about how Seth was tricky and powerful and dark and dangerous And Lily just went there and said how he looked like a nervous teenage when he finally appeared He didn t seem like a god even Sebak lookedpowerful than him The ending was so predictable that I am really wishing right now that Lily, Tia and Ashleigh died It would beinteresting than this and I would have given another star to this review if that happened.
Sooo I guess that s it Colleen, don t put disturbed teenagers in your books and try to make your readers love them They are not cute Oh and could you stop making every man fall in love with the main character And stop only writing about evil girls and actually put a girl with a body of her own to be a good friend Thanks.
After Surviving Her Otherworldly Adventure, Lily Wakes Up On Her Nana S Farm Having Forgotten Everything Her Sun Prince, Her Travels To Egypt, And Her Journey To The Afterlife Are All Distant MemoriesBut Lily Is Not The Girl She Once Was Her Body Is Now Part Human, Part Lion, And Part Fairy And If That Isn T Bad Enough, She Must Now Harness This Power Of Three And Become Wasret A Goddess Destined To Defeat The Evil God Seth Once And For AllWith The Help Of Her Old Friend Dr Hassan, Lily Departs On Her Final Voyage Through The Cosmos And Across The Plains Of Egypt On The Journey, She Will Transform Into The Being She Is Destined To BecomeIt Is Time For Lily To Find Her Sunset Pre review 3 30 17 So I just read the summary and I saw the part about Lily having to become Wasret, and I googled that name, and as it so happens, that s an actual goddesscommonly known as Wosret She was also Amun s first wife Seriously Are you freaking kidding me right now Also, what is it with this woman and having American white chicks become goddesses of other cultures I ve got nothing against American white girls, but you know, Indian Americans and Egyptian Americans do exist That s a thing.