✓ Leo Rising (Charmed, #40) ☆ Download by î Paul Ruditis

✓ Leo Rising (Charmed, #40) ☆ Download by î Paul Ruditis Disappointed with this book I m a massive fan of Charmed and I was hoping this was going to hit my high standards but it didn t The plot didn t really seem logical or something that would have happened in the Charmed universe, the characterization wasn t really there The one redeeming quality was Chris and Wyatt, two of my favorite characters.
it was good but not something i would read again I wanted to read this particular novelization because it focused on Leo with grown up Wyatt and Chris, but it was terrible I don t usually expect brilliance from novelizations, but this one just wrote the characters in a way that I never pictured Frankly, stick with the fanfiction It s better.
I loved the part about Leo and the boys, I especially loved the characterization of Chris and Wyatt But I disliked the characterization of the Charmed Ones and I was bored with their struggle.
This is probably one of the worst books I ve ever read, Twilight included It s really telling when the book itself isn t even put together in the right order there were at least four pages that had been mixed around Trying to decipher that little code was annoying enough, but when adding it onto the horrific writing style and the completely inaccurate characterization of the Charmed sisters, I seriously have no idea why I even finished this book, except to sit here and tell you how bad it is I don t expect this to be an award winning novel It s a 200 max page story in a spinoff book series of the television show But seriously, every other sentence used the verb was as its active verb, and there were certain paragraphs that literally said the exact same thing three pages ago and had no business being in the places they were The story was disorganized and misleading you d expect the book to be about Leo and his relationship with Chris and Wyatt, but instead, view spoiler it s just another rescue mission for the girls And we all know that the Charmed ones are easily capable of handling themselves And that s exactly what happens hide spoiler

read this a while back and was a little disappointed with the story in some places especially with how Dr Gnivik was written He appeared to have some potential but the character was falling flat for me I did relish Leo s time with his adult sons Leo with his sons practically saved the book since we seldom see it back in the show saved for glimpses in the future visions or AU Charmed world.
I love the Charmed TV series and read this because I love the show so much I found that while I liked the book, the show is definetly better for the magical aspects, pacing etc This might be biased as I loved the show so much but I thought that it was a good read but I would pick the show over these spin off books any day.
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