¾ See You Never µ Download by ☆ Misty Jae Ogert

¾ See You Never µ Download by ☆ Misty Jae Ogert Harper Quinn Has It All, A Handsome Husband, Brody And Three Beautiful Children Kara, Her College Roommate, Is Her Best Friend Living Next Door With Her Husband, Bennett Together They Planned A Much Needed Kid Free Vacation On The Flight Home Their Plane Crashes Over The Ocean Harper And Bennett Are The Sole Survivors Stranded And Grieving They Only Have Each Other To Turn To Learning To Survive And Coping With Their Loss They Struggle With Their Growing Feelings For Each Other With Time Passing They Begin To Doubt That They Will Ever Be Rescued What Would Be The Harm If They Gave Into Temptation What If They Were Never Rescued What Would Be Waiting For Them At Home I was very excited to read this, as I love the premise of survival This book did not disappoint The story kept me interested throughout I only wished that it was longer A great first novel by Misty Jae Ogert I look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

I wanted to really like this book The plot of the story was intriguing However, it seemed to go through experiences too quickly and you did t get a chance to develop a connection with the main characters Then as time goes on you get a glimpse of other characters and their lives Then it skips to the rescue etc I didn t like the cookie cutter ending to this book There should have beenangst in the story Overall, not worth reading.
The plot of the story kept me turning pages until I finished the story The characters were real and earthy I enjoyed the book from start to finish I highly recommend this read to anyone wanting to lose themselves in a good book I am anxious to read this author s next offering.