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[ Read Online Ani ì government PDF ] by Catherine Lievens ✓ AniI love love love this series this book was great if your reading each one like I am then you know how important this one is it the beginning of the council and a big surprise for the alpha Ani is greet and even though he was afraid he wasn t good enough he settles into the role as alpha mate perfectly This is a must read.
5 It S Hard To Finally Get Over Hurt And Fear And Decide To Embrace Life AgainAni S Life Hasn T Been Easy He S Been Under The Thumb Of His Tribe S Second For All His Life, And It Has Left Him Thinking He S Broken And Soiled So Why Did Fate Decide He Would Be The Best Mate For The Whitedell Pride S Alpha Ani Knows He S Not Good Enough, And He Avoids His Mate As Best As He CanDominic Doesn T Care About What Happened In Ani S Past, He Just Knows He Wants The Man To Be His He Knows He S Going To Have To Fight Ani Every Step Of The Way, But He S As Stubborn As They Come, So It Doesn T Scare Him Dominic Has To Convince Ani That He Wants Him, But He Also Has To Work On A Council That Will Rule Shifters And Fight Against The Glass Research CompanyAs If Dominic Didn T Have Enough Problems, A Man Appears And Shakes His Budding Relationship With Ani Will Their Mating Be Able To Survive All The Obstacles They Ll Have To Brave I could understand Ani s hesitancy about Dominick view spoiler But, if Ani couldn t read that well, how could he read all of those notes hide spoiler Not bad.
Ani and Damien finally manage to get together Poor Ani was dealing with a lot of insecurity and image issues from his abusive past This book also focused alot on the formation of the Council which I am sure will be turned into spin off series Now one massive negative for me the one mention of a black male character, a shark shifter, was described as his skin being Darker than they d ever seen before and that his bright white smile was in contrast to his very dark skin he was also described as being very friendly and entertaining I get sooo tired of authors describing their black male characters in this way There isto a black person than Dark skin and white teeth not EVERY black person is dark skinned or has blindingly white teeth nor do all black ppl entertain all the white people around them Just as in any race or culture the ppl come in various colors and personality types It s just so exhausting and pretty offensive that just about every author I ve read uses the EXACT same words and descriptors when it comes to black male characters It s like instead of taking the time to develop a unique personality and appearance, just like they would for the characters that are from other races, the authors just decide to slap on some stereotypes and move on I hope that changes Title AniAuthor Catherine LievensPublisher eXtasy booksISBN 978 1 4874 0276 1Buy Link Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb Whitedell Pride 7It s hard to finally get over hurt and fear and decide to embrace life again.
Ani s life hasn t been easy He s been under the thumb of his tribe s second for all his life, leaving him thinking he s broken and soiled So why did Fate decide he would be the best mate for the Whitedell Pride s Alpha Ani knows he s not good enough, and he avoids his mate as best as he can.
Dominic doesn t care about what happened in Ani s past, he just knows he wants the man to be his He knows he s going to have to fight Ani every step of the way, but he s as stubborn as they come, so it doesn t scare him Dominic has to convince Ani that he wants him, but he also has to work on a council that will rule shifters and fight against the Glass Research Company.
As if Dominic didn t have enough problems, a man appears and shakes his budding relationship with Ani Will their mating be able to survive all the obstacles they ll have to brave Summary Like many individuals, the abuse, both sexual and physical, that Ani endured growing up changed his life forever Even after escaping to the Whitedell Pride and finding his mate, Dominic, he didn t feel that he could be what his alpha mate needed On the other hand, Dominic would do anything to show Ani he was wanted It was amusing to read how Ani would find romantic notes from Dominic all over the house trying to prove his love Even with everything Dominic did it would be up to Ani to realize his own worth and find the strength within himself to change Experiencing the changes in Ani gave me hope that things can change for the better People who have lived through abuse have many of the problems that Ani had, but with love and support they can overcome their pasts.
5 STARSFirstly, oh my goodness, this book was hot So far with this series the sex hasn t particularly stood out for me There hasn t been anything wrong with it, but at the same time it never made me sit back and think wow Ani and Dominic had some amazing chemistry between them But the book wasn t just hot, it was also sweet The little notes that Dominic leaves around the house for Ani to find just made me want to hug the big kitty cat And the way Ani s confidence grew as the story progressed, all because of Dominic s love and support, well I just needed to hug him someDominic really is my ideal alpha character, using his alpha power for good rather than to further an assholish agenda.
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Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance Well, I wanted Ani s happily ever after, and I got it While there is at least onecouple whose happily ever after seems somewhat important to me, I am not sure if I will continue to series just to get it.
This was book 7 in theWhitedell Prideseries Ani s life has always been hard he is a Nix, Finn is his cousin his tribes second has been raping him since he is was 14 years old and when he told his mother she told him he was lucky to be chosen He has a fear of large men so it was a shock to him when he realized that Dominic the Prides Alpha was his mate Ani doesn t think he is good enough for Dominic he is small and he can t read or write well he also feels that he is damaged goods because of what was done to him Ani has been living with the pride for a few months getting to know the pride members and making friends with some of them and helping where he can Dominic doesn t care what happened to Ani he just wants to hold his mate Dominic has been leaving notes and small gifts for him and I thought it was cute he was wooing him I really liked Dominic he was kind and caring and willing to help anyway he could including taking both humans and shifters into his pride While trying to help save Denver and Jeremy s wedding Ani starting talking to Dominic and helping him with the details Ani also suggest that Dominic make Keenan his PA Dominic is happy when Ani agrees to mate I was so happy for both of them Dominic also gets a surprise he has a grown son who was not surprised that he is half lion shifter until he tells him that he is also a lion shifter When Dominic is challenged for his seat on the counsel he wins a the Nicholas the guy who challenged him is abandoned by his pride This was a really good read it was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
This story is one of my favorite, nice plot lovely characters.
But, I still get confused the way this author write the plot,for example Dominic was challenged by Nash, another Alpha, because Nash didn t want him as part of the council because he is gay.
At the beginning of the challenged the rules were You re fighting for the council s seat and only that If Alpha Nash loses, his pride will go to his Beta, Nate Sutherland Well, what happened to Nate and the other shifters from the other pride I think this author loves leaving things in the air and inconclusive and it s quiet annoying, hence my rating.