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[Charlene Hartnady] Ô Determined Theft (Stolen by the Alpha Wolf, #3) [romania PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¾ Special Launch Price PARTShifter Vampire Serial Stolen By The Alpha Wolf Is A Follow On To Chosen By The Vampire Kings It Is Strongly Recommended That You read ThisPart Serial First Whisked Away To The Shifter Village, Stephany Is Fearful Of What Lies Ahead Ward Is Suffering From Wounds That Run Far Deeper Than The Physical Wounds That She Inflicted Her Life, As Well As The Life Of Her Greatest Gift, Hang In The Balance Determined Theft Is The Final Part Of APart Serial, And At The Time Of Setting This Pre Order, It Was Approximately , WordsPages Make Sure You read Chosen By The Vampire Kings First For The Most Enjoyment The Story Contains Strong Sexual Themes Language And Is Not Intended For Readers Under The Age Of Stolen by the Alpha Wolf has been a great series from start to finish It also confirmed my early suspicion that Ward is a muchloveable smoking hot Alpha male than a certain king You will understand why when you read the conclusion What an insensitive DICKHEAD Still love the other guy, though Ward was the perfect blend of possessive, protective and progressive in his thinking The way he always stood by his mate even when she doubted their relationship and he was hurting was perfection, and their conclusion was just so freaking sweet, I just couldn t ask forWhen I read the Vampire Kings series, I found myself liking the supporting charactersXavier, Ross and Griffin being top of the list And I m glad to see Charlene Hartnady decided to introduce the sweetest male shifter virgin in history to the bunch of fangtastic hotties Rushe is the perfect blend of innocent and berserker I m so glad we will get to see a lotfrom him in the new spin off series Unlikely Mates He ll be perfect love interest for Becky Weeeeell on of her love interests, I hope Because Becky did have her heart set on vampire dick as well And I hope that dick belongs to Ross, petitions be damned But speaking of Rushe and Becky Their final scene in this story was laugh out loud naughty Did I say naughty I meant funny, of course 5 smuttylicious, funny, adorable and sexy stars.

I jumped right into these 3 installments after Chosen by the vampire kings, and I actually think I liked these even better I love the shifters, I love Ward and Stefany, all of it I still think they re a little rushed and incomplete feeling, but less so than CBTVK, and not enough to take away from how much I enjoyed the story I have to say, I m not a fan of Becky, I think the things that come out of her mouth are pretty ridiculous and distracting, but I m VERY eager to read about her relationship with Rushe who I adore and Ross who seems sweet too I do hope she gets toned down a little though spoilery The ending of Stolen by the Alpha Wolf was great Nail biting, a little gut wrenching, and super sweet, but the conflicts wrapped up very quickly and easily I don t think the kings could have just let them go like that, and definitely not without some debates and issues Might have been a good time to have the Queen step in and mediate Nor do I believe that Lance would just hunker off never to be heard from again I think he d have been best killed off But maybe he ll be an issue in a later book I had also expected an appearance from Ward s mother She was mentioned as being important to him and the pack, yet all the time that Stefany was there, there was no appearance That s what I mean by rushed There could just be .
completeness Circles being closed I guess I also REALLY would have liked a peek of where Wards thoughts and emotions were while him and Stefany were separated in the beginning I love getting both POVs, and that felt like a lost opportunity to me Again, there s soooo many ways Charlene can go with this story I m guessing the elf PRINCE asshat, is who made the initial arrangement with the wolves The beginning of so manybooks Excellent world building and setting up forI ll definitely be reading the rest.
From what I ve read, they get better with ever installment I hate that this is the end It is to soon I love, love Ward He is such a sexy alpha Ward and Stephany are just omgoodness Way to adorable I loved every step of the way they got to where they were Nathan and Cat two cute for words.
Now that endingWTF man a cliffhanger into the next series just like the one at the end of Chosen by the Vampire Kings Why do you do this to me Well good thing it is out and on kindle unlimited.