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[Joan Kilby] ↠´ Mad About You [18th-century PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ Accountant Cassy Morris Knows She S Putting Her Heart On The Line When She Agrees To Move In With Her Best Friend, Multi Millionaire Geek Scott Thornton While She Manages His Nanotechnology Lab And Finds An Angel Investor For His Revolutionary New Product She S Loved Him Forever Even Though He S Only Ever Regarded Her As A Friend But Cassy Never Could Refuse Scott Anything When Scott Is Named Seattle S Sexiest Man, The Attention From Women Threatens To Get In The Way Of Him Finishing His Pet Project And Putting It On The Market Cassy Steps Up Once Again And Pretends To Be His Fianc A Lifetime Of Repressed Sexual Tension Explodes In A Passionate Affair Soon Scott Is Wondering How He Can Convince Cassy To Turn Their Fake Engagement Into Reality Mad About You is a book that gave this geek girl a happy heart With the winning formula of best friends to lovers, it was a sexy, passionate, fun, believable and heartfelt romantic treat Cassy and Scott have been best friends since they were seven Twenty or so years later, she s living in their hometown with her fish and plodding along as an accountant wishing for , whilst he s the big city penthouse living multi millionaire technological genius When he needs help in finding an investor for his latest revolutionary development there is only one woman he turns to And, with a little persuasion, she grabs the opportunity because deep down, this beauty loves the geekI adored them both and their relationship, both before and after crossing the line, surprised me They understand each other, complement each other, have a wonderful chemistry and a lifetime of pent up feelings, but as brilliant as Scott is at what he does, he is clueless when it comes to the ladies and this is where Cassy came into her own She s strong, sassy, knows Scott better in some respects than he knows himself and unleashes the man who had me swooning and sighing.
If you re after a feel good sexy romance then this is one I d definitely recommend I received a copy of this courtesy of Entangled Publishing for an honest and unbiased opinion Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickI was really surprised with how much I liked this book I have never before read anything by Joan Kilby and that can always be a risk I am so glad that I took the chance though because it really paid off with Mad About You I really liked the characters, and I loved the friends to lovers trope This book was just one of those really great romance stories that you find so cute and adorable that you can t help but become lost in it I think what made this one so great for me was the fact that the two main characters had known each other almost their whole lives and the fact that they were so real and normal I was able to relate to them and I was really invested in their HEA from the start.
When Cassy s best friend Scott asks for her help, she will do just about anything she can for him They have been best friends since they were kids, and they have always been there for each other Cassy is an accountant still living in the small town they grew up in, and although she is bored with her job of doing taxes she is comfortable with her life except when it comes to Scott They have always been friends, but Cassy has also been in love with him for forever She tried to kiss him one time and he ignored her for a few weeks after, then pretended that it never happened She would rather have him as a friend than nothing at all After Scott asks her to drop everything and move in with him to help him get the financial support he needs, she reluctantly agrees But the minute that she arrives, they both feel as though their relationship is changing Suddenly Scott is also experiencing the attraction between them and isconfused than ever In order to keep the women away from Scott while he focuses on his work, Cassy and Scott come up with a fake engagement between them When the passion ignites between them, they both decide to give in and enjoy each other while they can But with their feelings growing stronger than ever and the new physical aspect of their relationship, can their friendship possibly survive What happens when both of them start to wonder about a future together for real rather than just the fake relationship that it started off as I will admit that it was hard for me to connect with Scott right away He was awkward and a bit cold feeling It seemed like he was almost indifferent to Cassy at first and as though he had truly never seen her as anything other than his best friend But as the story went on he really grew on me He was geeky and adorable and his awkwardness became something that I actually really liked about him It isn t often in a hero that you find a really successful and handsome man that is so nerdy and hasn t a clue about women I liked that we got to see how confused he was and that he really had thought of Cassy asthan a friend He was so afraid of losing her that he had never taken a chance on anything with her I really liked Cassy I loved that she didn t judge him and that she accepted him as he was She looked out for him and you could tell that she would truly do anything for him, even if she knew that it would upset him at first She really was a great friend and she knew him better than he even knew himself I liked that she held out for him and wouldn t settle for a relationship with him that was just about their friendship or sex The connection and bond that Scott and Cassy had was so deep and real because they had known each other all their lives I loved that they were best friends, and really they were all that each other had Their bond was undeniable and I really believed it from the start They also had great chemistry together and I loved seeing them as they navigated their way from friends to lovers I also loved that Scott was nerdy and adorable but then he was completely different when he was in bed with her He had a whole other side to him that was really sexy.
Overall, this was a great quick and sweet read I loved that there was no cliffhanger and no angst This book was just one of those ones that you can sit and relax while reading and once you finish you are left feeling happy and satisfied Scott might have taken a bit for me to warm up to, but I really ended up liking him and Cassy They were great together personally, and I also loved that they were such a great partnership and team I liked seeing just how well they knew each other and were able to turn such a great friendship intoI also really enjoyed the parts with the geek techies They were so fun and I liked watching them interact with Cassy This book is one I would highly recommend to those looking for something short and sweet with a great HEA I really enjoyed this story from start to finish and I look forward to readingfrom Joan Kilby in the future ARC provided by Publisher

5 Stars Cassy and Scott have been best friends for most of their lives, so when Scott calls her to ask for help she is not going to turn him down Cassy packs up and heads to Seattle to help him find funding for his latest project However, her role takes a turn and she ends up becoming his fake fianc to help ward off women and help him concentrate on achieving his dream What Scott doesn t realize is that she has been in love with him since they were teenagers and this fake arrangement may end up having a devastating effect on her heart When a potential investor invites them to spend the weekend at a nearby lodge to present their idea, Cassy hopes this will be her chance to make Scott see that she loves him asthan a friend Scott doesn t understand what he is feeling for Cassy She has been the only true friend in his life and he is not ready to mess that up however, it is getting harder to resist her When the investor books them into the honeymoon suite as an early wedding present, things begin to heat up Scott finally gives into his desires and begin a hot, steamy affair By the end of the weekend, the funding for Scott s prototype is still up in the air and Cassy makes a decision that could end what they are just beginning When they show up at the house of Scott s estranged father, he is furious at her She makes him listen and in the end it is one of the best decisions of his life However, when his dad sends over the funding plans Scott realizes that his dad has no intention of including Cassy in the business, he wants to call the whole thing off Instead of that happening, she makes the hardest decision of her life and leaves Scott so he can fulfill his dream Will Scott realize he is in love with Cassy before it is too late Will he go after her and prove she means the world to him In order to find out, you will need to get the book I truly enjoyed the book Cassy was such a strong character that you couldn t help but like her She knew she was in love with Scott and risked getting hurt just to make sure he succeeds She was so selfless, that you just wanted to shake Scott to make him open up his eyes and see what was right in front of him Scott carried a lot of baggage from his past and didn t believe he was able to truly love someone When he finally realized he did love Cassy and would only ever love her I wanted to jump for joy However, he was truly clueless on how to win her back I loved the ending and I couldn t be happier for them both I was glad they got their HEA and I would love to get check ins with them should there be another story about one of Scott s friends and employee What are you waiting for Go out and get your copy today I received a free ARC of Mad About You from Entangled Publishing via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Mad About You has one of the tropes I enjoy the most in contemporary romances the friends to lovers trope However, I never connected as much to Cassy and Scott as I thought I would.
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