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Ù Read ☆ Defender for Hire by Shirlee McCoy ☆ Great suspense creep factor Seth did a couple of bone headed things for a professional and the relationship happened quickly but not first kiss, which I appreciate but overall, great book Really enjoyed this book Right away I could tell this was going to be goodFull of action and suspense Strong hero and a woman in need A widower meets a beautiful widow So perfect But sigh I had no idea this was a Christian Romance when I got it I figured it out pretty quick You can have faith without it being smacked in your face every page It kind of killed an otherwise fantastic story for me.
Plus, once you figure out it is a CR, you already know that there won t be any steamy scenes Damn.
I feel like there should be a naughty , grown up version of Christian Romance books This was a great story But if I had known ahead of time what it was, I would have never touched it.
Review originally posted at Harlequin Publication Date out now How I got this book ARC via NetgalleySomeone was watching herNo matter how many times Tessa Camry moves, her mysterious tormentor always finds her and leaves a grim reminder of all she s lost But this year, no longer content to deliver roses, her stalker wants her dead When former soldier Seth Sinclair becomes her bodyguard, he encourages her to stand her ground, even if it means letting go of long held secrets Seth realizes that Tessa may be his second chance at love, but their future depends on finding the man determined that Tessa never forgets the past blurb taken from Goodreads Defender for Hire was one of those books I really looked forward to reading because of the premise Stalker villain plus heroine in trouble plus hero who is a security expert should equal an amazing reading experience I had a few reservations about the book because it is in Harlequin s love inspired line, and I found that the few modern day inspirational romance titles that I read were often two preachy and wrapped everything up in a neat little bow without having a lot of emotional depth Interestingly enough, the faith element of the book was the best part and the rest fell completely flat for me.
The main problem that I had with this book is that there were so many too stupid to live TSTL moments and many times I would put down my EReader and say not again So, let s start with our heroine, Tessa She has been moving from town to town for the past five years because on the anniversary of her husband s death, someone finds her and leaves the gift of a black rose She lives in a perpetual state of fear and has a secret that she feels she needs to keep This secret dates back to the massacre that she went through when her and her late husband were serving as missionaries in Africa She has a goofy big dog my favorite character , and works as a physical therapist I felt for her because she was so afraid and felt like she couldn t trust anyone She d survived, but she was not living.
At some point, however, I became incredibly frustrated with Tessa Someone was obviously after her They d tried strangling her in chapter three, broke in her house, and had been stalking her What frustrated me was the utter denial and complete lack of planning on her part when it came to her safety while the hero might be overbearing, staying in her home was not an option I wanted her to get a gun, change the security system, make a choice that involved her own safety instead of constantly saying she didn t want to leave and that there wasn t a problem Just because she didn t want to see certain incidents as being connected didn t mean that they would completely disappear I could understand wanting life to get back to normal, but at some point it s time to buck up and be smart Someone leaves a black rose for you every year and you don t possibly think the threat may have escalated Tessa continued to stall the investigation by not telling the entire truth due to her big secret I remember thinking that this better be a darn good secret indeed because I was beyond annoyed at that point I wanted to be on Team Tessa so badly and kept being denied that again and again by her terrible decision making.
Seth didn t annoy me as much in the beginning, but he worked his way up there eventually He is a security expert and Tessa s patient He was definitely take charge, but not overly so He cared about Tessa and once he realized there was a problem, he was not about to leave her alone He knew that he shouldn t get involved with her troubles, but what self respecting romance hero would ever walk away or let the police do their job, for that matter It was apparent quickly that he was attracted to Tessa and that he would like to pursue that, but he was able to respect her need for space in that regard He was able to help Tessa in a lot of ways because his own wife had died and he felt responsible He understood the kind of guilt that she experienced, and the scenes where they discussed that were full of emotion I wish there would have beenof those moments.
He reached his TSTL moment when his injured self ran after the stalker along with the injured puppy The sheriff also left his post to go tearing after the stalker I don t think either of them have ever gamed or read enough suspense, because hello No backup on the scene and nobody thinks the stalker can t just circle around back to the heroine I was not convinced of the romance between these two characters They spent so much time being attracted to one another and in Tessa s case, feeling incredible guilt and not wanting to rely on anyone, that they never really had a chance to just be a couple Seth was in marriage mode, not ready to just date, but to see what could come of it Then they would spend time second guessing themselves so that by the time they finally did make that commitment, I wasn t certain that it would stick We didn t get to see enough time with them just getting to be a couple When they were together, they could laugh and banter for a little while, but then usually Tessa would think she was doing the wrong thing I just wanted to smack their heads together and tell them to stop all that madness I didn t get to see nearly enough of Tessa s other qualities qualities that I would have really appreciated.
I was both happy and disappointed with the interweaving of faith in the story First, I did not feel like I was being preached to at all Seth s faith was stronger than Tessa s, but I loved the way that she began to dig roots in what she believed She came to her own understanding of what happened in her past, and it was beautifully well written All of the problems on the Earth weren t solved by God, but this book certainly showed the human struggle to rely on the unseen I loved it.
I was completely disappointed with the church scene in this book, however Seth and Tessa go to a potluck, and she basically has I m struggling, please be my friend written across her chest Instead, what do we get We get Peggy Sue the girl who is desperate for a man and is clingy and passive aggressive This is the kind of female to female interaction that frustrates me This woman was painted as someone who was so desperate, so hungry for a love she hadn t found yet, that it became her only purpose for being in the story at all There could have been so much explored in terms of fellowshipping with one another and community, but it was missed entirely.
The suspense part itself was really enjoyable I wanted to know who this tormentor was, and there were a few turns The resolution of the suspense portion of this story was lackluster and anti climactic The secret that Tessa had been holding onto for so long at risk to her own life was not nearly as huge as I thought it would be As the book was closing, someone else had a TSTL moment which could have cost the hero his life, and by that point, I just wanted to be finished.
While Defender for Hire started off with promise, many of the actions of the characters and the suspense plot really bogged this story down I wish we would have seenmoments of Tessa and Seth together as a couple I want to knowabout Seth s family, so I will try another book in this series The faith element, except for the church portion, was an integral undercurrent of the story and was the strongest part Tessa eventually began to realize she wasn t making good decisions and owning up to that fact, but by that point it was too little, too late I give Defender for Hire a D.
I hate that this is the last book in the series Have enjoyed all the books so much This one was A Once again Shirlee McCoy came across with a good suspenseful story Very enjoyable Someone Was Watching Her No Matter How Many Times Tessa Camry Moves, Her Mysterious Tormentor Always Finds Her And Leaves A Grim Reminder Of All She S Lost But This Year, No Longer Content To Deliver Roses, Her Stalker Wants Her Dead When Former Soldier Seth Sinclair Becomes Her Bodyguard, He Encourages Her To Stand Her Ground, Even If It Means Letting Go Of Long Held Secrets Seth Realizes That Tessa May Be His Second Chance At Love, But Their Future Depends On Finding The Man Determined That Tessa Never Forgets The Past Heroes For Hire seriesI have been happy reading Shirlee McCoy s books, so far have enjoyed them all that I have read Defender for Hire is a fast pacedstory It starts off strong and keeps grabbing your attention It is a clean read The plot is good Every year for the past five years Tessa is sent a black rose She has moved 4 times and she is always found This year she gets the black rose but she also gets a package at work and it moves.
Tessa has been a widow for five years She works at Centennial physical therapy She has a new patient that she is working on today Seth Sinclair is a former army ranger He will be on desk duty till he can get his arm back into shape He does not complain when his arm is in pain Seth is also a widower His wife died while he was over seas on a tour of duty He felt guilty for not keeping her safe.
Tessa while she is up front to get Seth set up to see her twice a week and to print off the exercises she wants him to work on at home She gets a package It was delivered not mailed and no idea who would send it to her While she is holding it the package moves Seth is right their and opens it He tells her he will take care of it for her.
Tessa out running with her dog has shots fired at her and her dog is hurt Tessa was almost home so she was able to carry dog and finds Seth at her house waiting for her She was also choked by someone grabbing her from behind and was told to remember Tessa has kept a secret for five years about what happened in Kenya on a mission there.
Lots of action, drama, secrets, some faith and falling in love make a good story Plus characters that you like and want things to work out for them.
I will read other books by Shirlee McCoy in the future I was given this ebook to read and asked to give honest opinion of it by Netgalley.
07 01 2013 PUB Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense 224 pages ISBN 9780373445448 I was completely taken with this book Tessa has been hiding for five years Each time she thinks she has escaped the past, it finds her Now it is obvious there is someone out there watching her that wants to dothan just remind herthey want to kill her Seth likes his new physical therapist but never expected to become involved in her personal issues When he sees her in trouble he can t just walk away and he fills the role of bodyguard The closer the danger, the closer Tessa and Seth become.
I loved Seth He was a great male lead He was strong, capable, a bit bossy and exceptionally caring Tessa has a rough past with a secret she has to keep The fact she has to decide if the secret is worth dying for is a bit much but I can see how she could get to that point The author does a great job with the characters, making them real and believable I liked the police officers involved and the fact that she showed the differences in police work and bodyguards.
I rate this one a 5 5 I loved the characters Thank you to the publisher for the review copy of this book via netgalley I received this book in exchange for an honest review and the opinions stated above are 100% mine.
This book tells the story of Tessa who received a black rose on the day of the anniversary of a massacre in Kenya which has killed her husband and her brother in law It have been going on for five years now and because of this, she seems to moving around whenever it happened But unlike the previous year, the sender seems to want her death too Seth went to visit Tessa for a physiotherapist when his shoulders giving him problem but unexpected was drawn to her problem as well Being one who worked in a marine before, he is not someone that would leave her alone Together, they support each other trying to outrun the murderer who is going after Tessa s life.
I like Seth very much He is a responsible character and I especially like the way he tried to protect Tessa This book is a mystery suspense genre and thru solving this the mystery, both Seth and Tessa overcome their own grief and sorrow and discover who they really are It is a very solid read for me and I like the way the author have penned down the story the suspense was really killing me towards the end.