Trailer ½ Ghosts PDF by ½ Curdella Forbes

Trailer ½ Ghosts PDF by ½ Curdella Forbes Set On The Fictional, Futuristic Caribbean Island Of Jacaranda Caught At The Nexus Between Amazing Technological Advances And Huge Environmental Hazards Of Globalization This Book Recounts The Tragic Consequences Of A Forbidden Love Affair And A Family Torn Apart By Injustice With A Searing Contrast Between An Island Struggling Under The Threats Of Crime, Migration, And Global Warming And An Unforgettable Love Story, It Provides An Emotionally Rewarding Experience In Which These Contemporary Issues Are Given Fresh Poignancy And Meaning A Haunting Sequence Of Narratives Builds To Tell A Compelling Tale Of Murder, Psychological Mayhem, And Love While Gleaming With Caribbean Spirituality

I haven t read a book that I seriously disliked in some time I hated hte characters, the story, the style, the language I would say I hated the plot but there wasn t really one.
We hear from about five people in the Ponty family and the perspective changes are dizzying I never know if it s a close third person, a distant third person, an omniscient narrator or first person I think that was my biggest problem with the book I kept trying to figure out who is speaking.
I didn t think she handled the creole english mixture very well It felt really awkward Potential spoilerThe story is about a man who has been in love with his cousin since they were children They each marry someone else Later in life he is killed.
In some convoluted way the family has connected the two events and try as I might, I really can t see it Their grief over Pete s death is understandable, everyone wonders what they could have done to prevent it but I wasn t able to relate to any pf the characters except maybe Peaches who had the shortest chapter in the book, 2 4 pages.
I really didn t enjoy this and it was a struggle to finish, but I paid 20 for it so, I had to.
I loved this story of hope and tears and the winding road of sibling family relationships